Captain John Warde 1597-1654

Captain John Warde about 1597 – after 1654  •  LY8Q-69N grandfather Stewart side Birth Pontefract Castle, Yorkshire, England Death Varina, Henrico, Virginia, British Colonial America

Ancient Planter and Mariner” He selected 1,200 acres adjoining on the south side of the James River.  Charles E. Hatch, Jr. in his book, The First Seventeen Years Virginia 1607-1624 (pp 73-74) writes that CAPTAIN JOHN WARD arrived in the Colony of Virginia on April 22, 1619 aboard the ship Sampson with about 50 emigrants to establish a private plantation. Samuel Argall later placed the date as 1618. He selected 1,200 acres west of Martin’s Brandon, adjoining a creek on the south side of the James River which still bears his name. He was in some sort of association with CAPTAIN JOHN BARGRAVE who was involved in Virginia trade and colonization. Several members of the Bargrave family were with Captain Ward. CAPTAIN BARGRAVE in 1622 claimed the distinction of having “undertaken to be the first planter of a private colony in Virginia.” [The plantation was located between Captain Spilmans Divendent established before 1622 and Martin’s Brandon, established in 1616. Captain Thomas Spilman came to Virginia in 1616 or 1617. Two people were slain in 1622 at his plantation and he relocated in Elizabeth City and by 1625 was established with his wife and child born in Virginia and 4 servants.]