Captain William Powell 16 March 1577 – 1626 LYX4-TQ9 ​

Captain William Powell 16 March 1577 – 1626 LYX4-TQ9 -​ Grandfather Hayley side. b/England D/Virginia  Emigration 1607 Jamestown, Virginia Colony National Identification IND4710. Ancient Planter Captain William Powell Family was an early Virginia colonist, landowner, militia officer and member of the first Virginia House of Burgesses in 1619. He was one of the two representatives of James City County, Virginia. Some accounts say William is the brother of Nathaniel and William came in 1618.

In one account, the first appearance of the name of POWELL in Virginia is found in Smith’s “History of Virginia.”, Captain William sailed from Blackwell, England [one of 105 men and boys] with his “trusted friend” John SMITH on 19 Dec 1606 with the three Captain Christopher NEWPORT ships, “Susan Constant,” “Godspeed” and “Discovery” (which entered Chesapeake Bay on 20 Apr 1607), and arrived at the location of future Jamestown site on 13 May 1607], or possibly on the “Sea-Venture” or “Mary & Margaret” (landed May 1607), arriving as the first wave of colonists in the new American continent in 1607, the year of the founding of Jamestown in what later would become the United States of America. “Most accounts allude to Captain Nathaniel, William’s brother, being beheaded by the Indians in the Great Massacre of March 22, 1622.

Margaret Whitney 1570 – 1628  •  L5RD-9HX ​  Wife of Cpt Powell-Grandmother Hayley Side

Father of Margaret, Sir Robert Whitney III Knight 1543 – 19 December 1612  •  L5TN-FW1 ​ grandfather Hayley Side

Wife of Sir Robert Whitney III Lady Elizabeth Morgan (Guillims) Williams 1544 – 1571  •  LYKH-MML ​ grandmother Hayley side