Clan Campbell Famous Lineage

SCOTLAND-All McGee Side Direct lineage

The Campbell’s come originally from Scotland, the northern part of Great Britain. Geographically, Great Britain and Ireland are a collection of islands off the Atlantic coast of Europe. The Romans, who invaded Britain in about 43 AD, called the central part of what is now Scotland ‘Caledonia’ and the early Celtic inhabitants they called Picts. The Picts called their land to the north of the Forth and Clyde estuaries ‘Alba’. By 200 AD the Romans had left the north and in 500 AD Scots from Ireland took over Argyll, the southwestern part of the Scottish Highlands, calling their new kingdom Dalriada and eventually overcoming the Picts. After King Kenneth MacAlpin joined the leadership of Alban Picts and Dalriadic Scots into one kingdom in about 843 AD, the name Scotland evolved. Kings of Scots (never “Kings of Scotland”) ruled from 843, barring a few English invasions, until 1603. On that date James VI of Scots, son of Mary Queen of Scots, inherited the throne of England on the death of Henry VIII’s daughter Queen Elizabeth (who was without children), and so James became James VI of Scots and I of EUSA

Grandfather McGee Gilbert Side: Sir Colin Campbell, 1st Laird Of Glenorchy And Earl Of Breadalbane 10 September 1433 – 10 May 1493  •  LBJQ-CSS ​


Archibald Campbell, Master of Campbell 1400 – 22 March 1440  •  LRXC-8FC ​ grandfather Gilbert/McGee Side

Wife: Elizabeth De Somerville 21 December 1406 – 23 February 1456  •  LT5V-LMN ​ grandmother McGee Side



Below are too many generations, further research but likely related as it is an unbroken line, related on McGee side  

Sir Thomas Somerville January 1370 – December 1444 shows no relations too many generations but father of above Elizabeth

Thomas Somerville, 1st Lord Somerville, (d. 1434), was a Lord of the Parliament of Scotland. In 1423 Thomas Somerville, as Lord of Carnwath, came to London as an ambassador to treat for the release of James I of Scotland, who had been captive in England for many years. Somerville was also recorded as a Warden of the Scottish Borders in 1424. As Somerville of that Ilk, he sat on the assize at Stirling Castle in May 1425 that condemned Murdoch Stewart, Duke of Albany. Thomas Somerville probably founded the Collegiate Church at Carnwath with his family burial aisle around 1425-1430, and repaired the church at Linton, Roxburghshire.[1]Thomas Somerville, 1st Lord Somerville, was twelfth in the direct male line from Sir Gualter de Somerville, 1st Baron of Whichenour (in Staffordshire), who arrived with William the Conqueror in 1066.[4] Thomas married Janet Stewart, daughter of Alexander Stewart of Darnley, before July 1392. Their eldest daughter Mary married Sir William Hay of Yester, another daughter Geillis married Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig, and Margaret married Roger Kirkpatrick of Closeburn in Niddsdale. His heir William Somerville, 2nd Lord Somerville, married Janet Mowat of Stenness. The first Lord Somerville died in December 1434.[5]

Sir William Somerville 1340 – 1403  •  L89H-F4F ​ too many generations but father of above

Duncan The Fortunate (Donnchadh na-Adh) Campbell 1st Lord of Loch Awe 1370 – 12 August 1453  •  LZGM-2K2 ​ Grandfather McGee Side, father of above Archibald Campbell. high chancellor of Scotland. SIR DUNCAN CAMPBELL, who served as his majesty’s justice general, one of his privy counsel, and lieutenant with the shire of Argyll during the reigns of James I and James II. By the latter he was made high chancellor of Scotland, and in 1445 he was summoned to parliament by the title lord Campbell. His first wife was the lady Margaret, daughter of Robert, duke of Albany, governor of Scotland. Their children were Celestine (who died young), Archibald, and Sir Colin Campbell. His second wife, also named Margaret, was daughter of Sir John Stewart of Blackhill. Their sons were Duncan, Neil, and Arthur.

Below grandfathrs on McGee Side-need further research as too many generations

Colin Campbell Laird van Lochow about 1355 – 2 May 1413  •  LB1R-3X3 ​
father of above  Sir Archibald ‘Mor’ Gillespie Lord Campbell 12th Knight of Lochawe 1320 – 1368  •  LY3P-P2L ​
father of above. Sir Colin (Callen) “Og” Campbell, 11th Knight of Lochawe 1283 – 2 May 1342  •  LY3P-51V ​
father of above:  Sir Neil Nigel “MacCailean Mor” Campbell, 10th Knight of Lochawe January 1258 – February 1315  •  LY35-7MC ​
father of above: Sir Colin “Caillean Mor” Campbell, 9th Knight of Lochawe January 1230 – 1294  •  LTJC-VTZ ​
father of above : Sir Archibald Gillespie Campbell 8th Knight of Loch Awe 1199 – 1280  •  LTBC-QTH ​
father of above: Sir Duncan Campbell 7th Knight of Lochawe 1153 – 1230  •  LT83-TVY ​
father of above Gillespic Archibald Campbell, 5th Knight of Lochawe 1130 – 1162  •  LB3T-X6X ​
father of above: Sir Colin “Cailan Maol Maith” Campbell 4th Knight of Lochawe  Cause of Death Killed during the siege of Dunstaffnage Castle
father of above; Sir Duncan MacDurine Campbell 3rd Knight of Lochow, Thane of Argyll 1070 – 1097  •  9SRD-5PK ​
father of above Sir Archibald Gillespic MacDuibhn Campbell 2nd Knight of Lochawe 1041 – 1091  •  L5Y8-P7N
The Campbells of Craignish (Mac Dúbhghaill Creaginnis in the Scottish Gaelic or Gàidhlig), form one of the oldest branches of the ancient and powerful Clan Campbell in Scotland.. They claim descent from Dugald Campbell, the second son of Sir Archibald Gillespic Campbell (b.1130), 5th Knight of Lochawe and 20th Chief of Clan Campbell at the time.
For four hundred and fifty years, from 1457 onwards, the Chiefs of Clan Campbell played leading roles in the government of Scotland, Great Britain, the United Kingdom, and the British Empire. When Colin Campbell of Lochawe was made first Earl of Argyll in 1457 and then Chancellor of Scotland, until the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England in 1707, the Argyll family and their numerous followers had always to be taken into account where Scottish affairs were concerned. In the mid 16th century, the time of Elizabeth of England and Mary Queen of Scots, the fifth Earl of Argyll could bring a larger army to the field than that of either queen and he was the only noble in the British Isles to have his own artillery. In the mid 17th century the 8th Earl and Marquis of Argyll ruled Scotland for a time. Two Dukes have been Field Marshals and one a 4-star General.

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Campbell Chiefs throughout history:
Arthur (Unknown) Unknown (0440 – 0540)
Smervimore Amid Coslidh (0510 – 0570)
Ferither Our ‘Dun (0591 – 0620)
Duibhn Mor (0620 – 0686)
Arthur Oig MacDuibhn (O’Duin) (0684)
Ferither Eile (0730)
Duibhn Fuilt Derg MacDuibhn (c. 0700)
Ferither Finruo (0837 – 0887)
Duibhn Derg (c. 0860)
Dubhn Doun (c. 0904)
Diarmid MacDuibhn (bef. 0982)
Duina MacDuibhn (c. 0990 – aft. 1020)
Malcolm MacDwine MacDuibhn (c. 1020 – 1066)
Archibald Campbell (c. 1041 – 1091)
Duncan MacDurine Campbell (C. 1070 – 1097)
Cailen “Maol Maith (Naith)” Campbell (1190 – 1120)
Sir Archibald (aka Gillespic) Campbell of Lochow (b. 1130)
Dugald Campbell (b. 1161)

father of above  Malcolm ‘Duina’ Gillespic MacDuibhn 1020 – 1066  •  LYSY-92W ​

Diarmuid MacDuibhn Laird of Lochowe about 0982 – Deceased  •  LBSS-XVF ​
Duibhn ‘Duen’ (Brown Haired) MacDuibhn (Campbell) Laird of Lochawe about 0940 – about 0994  •  LV1B-JWH ​
Duibhn ‘Dearg’ (Dark Red) MacDuibhn (Campbell) Laird of Lochawe about 0887 – 0964  •  LBS3-YZG ​
Ferither Finruo ‘Fionuath’ Fothadh MacDuibhn (Campbell) Laird of Lochawe 0840 – 0887  •  LV1B-VWP ​
Laird of Lochow Duibhn Fuilt Derg “Fathdearge” Fiacha Riadhe MacDuibhn 0801 – 0860  •  L1MM-ND2 ​
Ferither Eile about 0730 – Deceased  •  LFDD-FKN ​
Arthur Oig MacDuibhn 655 – 684  •  LVDL-9S6 ​
Duibhn More MacDuibhn 620 – AFT 684  •  LVDL-9QN ​
Ferither Our ‘Dun about 0600 – about 0660  •  M7GV-NP6 ​
In presenting this volume to the public, the Editor feels that very little need be said by him by way of preface. The House of Argyll, as the head of the Clan Campbell, holds such a prominent place in our national history, its records are so intimately blended with every struggle for religious and political freedom, the actions of its chiefs have shed such lustre on our annals, that any fresh fact connected with their history cannot fail to be acceptable to the public. Most of the matter herein contained has never before been published. Of the extracts from the Argyll papers in the Appendix, there were only fifty copies printed, while the body of the work is taken from some old manuscripts, long in the possession of the family of Archibald MacNab, Esq. of Penmore, Isle of Mull; these, as well as the ancient family tree of the Craignish Campbells, he has most kindly placed at our disposal. We have collated and compared these old documents with other authentic records to substantiate their facts and verify their dates, but the language of the writers we have left untouched. We are well aware that a few Gaelic scholars would,in some instances, have used other words, but we have adhered to the MSS. as giving the old and popular version of these names, as from the position of Neil. During the period of the Roman conquests, three different sorts of people, or distinct nations, inhabited Scotland — the ancient Britons, the Picts, and the Scots, each governed by their own kings. offering the sovereignty to their king, which he declined, but sent his son Constantine with an army to their assistance, in the year 404, in the reign of Fergus the Second.* This Constantine reigned over the Britons till about the year 420, and was grandfather to Arthur of the Round Table, with whom the Campbells commonly begin their genealogy. Thus it is clear that this ancient race can trace back from father to son for fourteen centuries and a half in an unbroken line.

King Arthur Meriadoc King in the Isle of Avalon 0460 – 21 May 0542  •  LTTJ-8TJ ​born & died in Cornwall England


Petr about 0450 – about 0550  •  94FR-G27 ​
Cincar about 0430 – about 0530  •  94FR-GKB ​
Guertepir about 0400 – about 0500  •  94FR-GK2 ​
Aircol about 0370 – about 0470  •  94FR-GK6 ​
Trifun 0350 – about 0450  •  94FR-GK4 ​
Clotri about 0330 – about 0430  •  94FR-GVY ​
Gloitquin about 0300 – about 0400  •  94FR-GV4 ​
Nimet about 0280 – about 0380  •  94FR-GVM ​
Dimet about 0250 – about 0350  •  94FR-GJG ​
Maxim Gueletic about 0230 – about 0300  •  94FR-GJF ​
YTEC Deceased  •  L1X2-3PL ​
YTECIOR Deceased  •  L1X2-R88 ​
Ebiud ap Eliud 0240 – Deceased  •  2CYM-VHB ​
Eliud ben Achim ha David about 0275 BC – Deceased  •  LH6L-18Q ​
Achim ben Zadok ha David about 0300 BC – Deceased  •  L2MY-MYF ​ Ahim ben Zadok is on the list going back to King David The Gospel of Matthew Abiudite Lineage to Jesus through Joseph, Jesus’ Father. David, King of
Sadoc ben Azor 0319 BC – Deceased  •  L2VN-M53 ​
Mattathais Azor Ben Eliacim or Eliakim 0340 BC – Deceased  •  L2RS-5BJ ​
Esli Zerubbabel Exilarch Governor of Judah  born Bab-Ilu or Babylon, Mesopotamia, Now, Iraq buried in Jerusalem. 0550 BC – about 0450 BC  •  L447-F8C ​
Shealtiel Or Salathiel about 0570 BC – about 0470 BC  •  L6FV-JN3

Neri ben Melchi about 0546 BC – Deceased  •  M1XP-LXK ​born in Israel
Hieress Tamar of the Davidic Dynasty about 0445 BC – Deceased  •  L6FV-JBL ​
PEDIGREE-Zorobabel ha-DAVID (Heir) of the DAVIDIC Dynasty also known as Sheshbazzar, “Zerubbabel”; 8th Governor of JUDEA, “vassal of Persia; 3rd EXILARCH in Babylon; 1st Patriarch of JERUSALEM; Prince of JUDAH; also known as Zerubabel ben SHEALTIEL

Melchi Ben Addi about 0700 BC – about 0600 BC  •  LR3F-PML ​born in Jersulam Israel

Ad’di of Jerusalem about 0590 BC – Deceased  •  M1XP-GCN

Cosam Ben ELMADAM about 0740 BC – about 0650 BC  •  L5Z8-BXV ​born in Jersulam, Israel

Elmo’dam ben Er about 0570 BC – Deceased  •  LJS6-KWR
Er ben Jose about 0600 BC – Deceased  •  LR6Z-8BW ​born in Israel
Jorim ben Matthat about 0840 BC – about 0720 BC  •  L63X-1VK

Matthat ben Levi about 0720 BC – Deceased  •  9CN3-ZZ4

Patriarch Levi ben Simeon of Jerusalem about 0750 BC – Deceased  •  L27H-HMB

Judah ben Joseph 0869 BC – Deceased  •  94RZ-2H8
King David of Israel 1071 BC – 0971 BC  •  LD8H-WMT ​born in Bethlehem

Jesse ben Obed the Beth-lehemite TKO Est. 1157 BC to 1107 BC. about 1010 BC – after 1025 BC  •  LD8H-WSZ

Judah ben Jacob about 1824 BC – 1720 BC  •  LJYB-SBS

Jacob Ben Isaac about 1892 BC – 1755 BC  •  LKZK-9XH

Abram ben Terah about 2052 BC – about 1877 BC  •  L6B5-RJM

King Nahor, Son of Serug; King of Ur and Agade 2052 BC – 1904 BC  •  L1KC-S13