ESQ Thomas Humphrey Forrest 26 May 1572 – 1641

ESQ Thomas Humphrey Forrest 26 May 1572 – 1641  •  LHD1-L94 grandfather Haney side, ancient planter & Jamestown. To Jamestown, Va with Capt. Newport in the Second Supply. They later returned to England.

According to “Seven Hundred Years of the Beville Family”, Thomas’ grandmother, Katherine Beville (wife of Miles Forrest) was descended from William De Beville (Le Sire de Beville], who came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066 and fought in the Battle of Hastings. Those family records can also be found in St. Michael’s Church in Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, England Thomas was a member of the Virginia Company (also known as the Charter of the Virginia Company of London or the London Company) that established the colony. We find record of Thomas and wife Margaret aboard the “Mary and Margaret”, in the “second supply”. Thomas Forrest was listed as a gentleman on that ship as shown on its manifest.

With them would be Margaret’s hand servant, Anne Burras, They were the first two women known to have come to the Jamestown Colony. In Benson J. Lossno’s THE MARRIAGE OF POCAHONTAS Losstno writes “During the lovely Indian summer time, in the autumn of 1608, there was a marriage on the banks of the Powhatan.

1st woman to settle in Jamestown Ann Margaret “Mistress” Foxe about 1576 – 1608  •  L1CW-83X grandmother Haney side. Painting hangs in Capital rotunda.