German Ancestors

Christian I ‘King Of Denmark Sweden And Norway’ Oldenburg 4 February 1426 – 21 May 1481  •   LJVS-J47 Grandfather McGee Side

Born in Oldenburg Germany. was a Scandinavian monarch under the Kalmar Union. He was King of Denmark (1448–1481), Norway (1450–1481) and Sweden (1457–1464). From 1460 to 1481, he was also Duke of Schleswig (within Denmark) and Count (after 1474, Duke) of Holstein (within the Holy Roman Empire). He was the first Danish monarch of the House of Oldenburg.[1]

wife of above; Dorothea von Brandenburg Queen of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, April 1430 – 10 November 1495  •  LDPB-JRB ​Grandmother McGee side. born in Germany