Gilbert Side

Henry Lee 22 May 1597 – 22 May 1657  •  LJK8-XZ4 Grandfather Gilbert Side, born in England, Died in Virginia. Dr. Henry Lee was an early resident of York county; was Justice of the Peace and Burgess in 1652. He died in 1657. Henry, with brothers Richard and George, immigrated to Virginia in 1636. The 1650 house is one the oldest structures of its type in America. And it is one of Virginia’s finest examples of 17th century architecture. Henry Leigh was not only a physician and plantation owner; he had quite an interest in the shipping business, tobacco being one of his largest transports. He sat on the bench of the House of Burgesses. He and Marah Adkins had four children: Henry, John, Mary, and Ann. Henry Leigh, died in 1657. His widow Marah later married his attorney George Wale.