Haney Side (Grandma)

David Lindsay 8th Earl of Crawford about 1476 – 27 November 1542  •  M6Y6-YX9 ​ shows grandfather Haney Side, is grandfather of Jacqueline Kennedy

John Lindsay of Balcarres, Lord Menmuir 1522 – 1566 •  K2FK-S6K ​ grandfather Haney Side son of above

Lady Helen Blair 1623 – 1693 LVDT-K2Z​ Grandmother Haney side b/Scotland
Sir Andrew Blair 18 November 1583 – July 1641 97TH-Q3Z Grandfather Haney side ​

Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk  • 

He was the eldest son of John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk, by his first wife, Catharina de Moleyns. The Duke was the grandfather of both Queen Anne Boleyn and Queen Catherine Howard and the great grandfather of Queen Elizabeth I. He served four monarchs as a soldier and statesman. Wife of Thomas Howard Agnes Tilney about 1477 – May 1545  •  LZ4Z-JRZ MORE

His son: William Howard 1st Baron Howard of Effingham 1510 – 12 January 1573 •  KNMW-888 grandfather Haney Side

John Settle 1570 – 8 November 1622 •  LV3Y-3YZ Grandfather Haney Side