Hayley’s in Virginia & America

Jacob William Hayley 7 November 1824 – 3 June 1898 LH52-8QP ​grandfather Hayley Side born in North Carolina



William Cornelius Hayley 26 June 1852 – 16 August 1901 KGMD-BV8  my Great great Grandfather Hayley Wife ​Virginia Richard Puryear 24 March 1855 – 21 October 1937 9V7J-L48 ​ b/Virginia Grandmother Hayley side buried Snyder cemetery. Born in Mississippi. Justice Precinct 1 Robert Lee town, Coke, Texas, United States

W D Hayley 1919 – Deceased L298-3W4 Great ​Uncle, Pappy’s brother, 


Lucy May Owens 1 June 1886 – 12 October 1970 LKGD-7G8 ​Great grandmother, Pappy’s mother

WILLIAM BYRD I, the progenitor of the Byrd family in America, arrived in Virginia in about 1670. William's brother Thomas Byrd arrived later in Virginia about 1692 and lived in Henrico where he died in 1710. William had inherited large land holdings from his uncle, Captain Thomas Stegge II. His inheritance included a large track of land surrounding the present site of Richmond, VA. After marrying Mary Horsmanden in 1673, their first-born child, William Byrd II (known as the founder of Richmond) He became rich and cultivated in Virginia and was the most remarkable early trader on the Trading Path. His most important business was Indian trading. His traders with their pack-horses went 400 miles to the southwest to trade skins and furs with the Cherokees and Catawbas.  BURIED: Westover Plantation, Charles City County, Virginia, British Colonial America, near the original site of the Westover Church