Hayley Side Born in England

Richard Saint Barbe of Ashington– about 1476 – 7 July 1528 grandfather Hayley side, Father of below ​

William Saint Barbe Privey Chamber to Heny VIII about 1499 – 1562 great grandfather Hayley side

Dr. Richard Bryant 1 June 1615 – 14 February 1680  great grandfather Hayley side

Reginald Le Corbet 1513–19 November 1566 grandparent Hayley Side Sir Reginald Corbet MP Father of below Richard Corbett

Richard Corbett 1548 – 1597  •  LZJF-TPZ ​ grandparent Hayley Side

James Bacon Sheriff of London 1509 – 15 June 1573  Grandfather Hayley Side, Occupation: Sheriff of London, Alderman of London Mary Gardiner wife of Sheriff, 1514 – 1567  Grandmother Hayley Side
Sir James BACON about 1567 – 17 January 1618  Grandfather Hayley Side, via French
James was knighted at White Hall 1604; died at Finsbury, London, Jan 17, 1618; buried at St. Giles Church Elizabeth Drury wife of James Bacon 1573 – about 1649 England grandmother Hayley side

Colonel William Evelyn Byrd I 7 August 1652 – 4 December 1704, Grandfather Hayley Side

On the invitation of his maternal uncle, Thomas Stegge Jr., in March 1669, William Bird/Byrd immigrated to Virginia. In Virginia, the spelling Byrd became standard. On October 27, 1673, he was granted 1,200 acres (5 km2) on the James River. Byrd became a well-connected fur trader in the Richmond, Virginia area. Some of Byrd’s landholdings became (after his death) part of the site of modern-day Richmond, Virginia. In 1676, Byrd was a sympathizer of Nathaniel Bacon in Bacon’s Rebellion, and took an active part in the rebellion. Also in 1676, Byrd established the James River Fort on the south bank of the James River in what is now known as the Manchester District of Richmond. William Byrd, also known as William Byrd I, was an Indian trader, explorer, member of the House of Burgesses (1679–1682), member of the governor’s Council (1683–1704), and auditor- and receiver-general (1688–1704)