Royal & Katherine Banks Family

Jamestown Capt. Joseph Royall 1600 – 10 March 1654  LYST-2J1 ​grandfather McGee side immigrated July 22, 1622 to Virginia

Royall Family Cemetery Ship’s master, planter  Joseph left England on the Charitie and arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in July 1622. Charles City, Charles City County, Virginia, USA e was a ship’s master by trade and made several trips between England and Virginia during his early years in the colony, working for a man by the name of Boise. In 1637 Capt. Joseph Royall received 300 acres of land in Henrico County, Virginia on the south-east side of Turkey Island Creek for transporting colonists to America. In 1642, he received 600 more acres for transporting twelve people. His plantations eventually grew to more than 3,000acres, and he built a residence called Doghams, named after the French river d’Augham. Family lore claimed the family came to England with William the Conqueror, and that their roots went back to the d’Augham region in France. Doghams remained in the Royall family for more than 200 years and still stands on the old road between Richmond and Williamsburg. It has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. He is buried in the Royal Family Cemetery-Royall Family Cemetery, Charles City, Charles City County, Virginia, United States-Memorial ID 64654515
 Katherine Elizabeth Banks, his wife 1627 – 1 December 1686  •  LR8Y-9XM

Katherine Banks was born into a prosperous family in Canterbury, England in County Kent in 1627, the same year the Massachusetts Bay Colony had been chartered to colonize the eastern coast of North America. Her father, Christopher Banks, was one of England’s most influential commoners in his position with the Old London Company, which financed the settlement of Jamestown and Virginia. Sometime in the early 1640s, Katherine journeyed to America, landing in Charles City County, west of Jamestown on the James River. It was not long after her arrival that she married her cousin, Joseph Royall, twice a widower and 27 years her senior. Royall had come to Jamestown aboard the Charitie in July 1622, By transporting colonists to Virginia, Joseph Royall was able to accumulate a large plantation, which he called “Doghams” after the French river D’Augham, on the James River above Shirley and opposite current day Hopewell, Virginia.

Mary was a much courted belle of Virginia. Suitors swarmed to get a glance of this charming young woman, who played the cittern, a three-stringed early version of the mandolin. Mary captured the heart of the wealthy William Randolph of Turkey Island. Over the next three centuries, the couple would come to be known as “the Adam and Eve of Virginia.” The Randolphs were the parents of ten children, most notably Isham Randolph. His daughter Jane married Peter Jefferson. They were the parents of President Thomas Jefferson. Elizabeth, daughter of William and Mary Randolph, married Richard Bland. They were the great-great grandparents of the noble and the revered, General Robert Edward Lee. William and Mary’s son Thomas was the great-grandfather of John Marshall, the nation’s longest serving Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In point of fact, Katherine’s descendants included the wives of both President Jefferson and General Lee.

Among the most well known descendants of Katherine Banks Royall Isham are presidents John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter, first lady Edith Wilson, authors William Faulkner, Willa Cather, Robert Penn Warren and Ray Badbury. Among the most interesting name on the list is Booker Talieferro Washington, a former slave, who became a highly revered educator, author and political leader.

Randolph Family Cemetery Presque Isle, Henrico County, Virginia,

Memorial ID 6537631


John Royall Isham 1521 – 1576  LTR5-HYP ​ grandfather McGee Side Roger Royall 1493 – 1562  •  L5LN-744 ​

Dr. Robert Booth 1610 – 26 October 1657 b/Virginia married to Frances Burgess Grandfather McGee side Immigrant 1638 England to Virginia Dr. Robert Booth is one of the Jamestowne founders
Robert Booth was a clerk of the York County Court, 1640-1657 and represented York Co in the House of Burgesses in 1653-54. Birth 1610 York, Colony of Virginia, British Colonial America (see Millennium File in sources below) Member House of Burgess Va. Between 1653 and 1654 The Booth family inherited most of the Massey lands in 1409, with Dunham Massey remaining at the heart of the estate. In 1409 it was acquired by Sir Robert Booth, son of Sir John (Lord of Barton) on his marriage to Dulcie Venables then aged only nine. Dunham Massey Estate – Cheshire By the end of the 16th Century the Booths became one of the largest landowners in Cheshire. Dunham Massey today is considered one of the finest historic houses in England and was passed on to the care for in perpetuity with the National Trust since 1976 and should remain so forever. Massey Estate

Captain William Powell 16 March 1577 – 1626 LYX4-TQ9 ​ b/England D/Virginia Grandfather Hayley Side  Emigration 1607 Jamestown, Virginia Colony National Identification IND4710   Ancient Planter Captain William Powell Family  was an early Virginia colonist, landowner, militia officer and member of the first Virginia House of Burgesses in 1619. He was one of the two representatives of James City County, Virginia. Some accounts say William is the brother of Nathaniel and William came in 1618. In one account, the first appearance of the name of POWELL in Virginia is found in Smith’s “History of Virginia.”, Captain William sailed from Blackwell, England [one of 105 men and boys] with his “trusted friend” John SMITH on 19 Dec 1606 with the three Captain Christopher NEWPORT ships, “Susan Constant,” “Godspeed” and “Discovery” (which entered Chesapeake Bay on 20 Apr 1607), [and arrived at the location of future Jamestown site on 13 May 1607], or possibly on the “Sea-Venture” or “Mary & Margaret” (landed May 1607), arriving as the first wave of colonists in the new American continent in 1607, the year of the founding of Jamestown in what later would become the United States of America. “Most accounts allude to Captain Nathaniel, William’s brother, being beheaded by the Indians in the Great Massacre of March 22, 1622. Death 24 Jan 1623 Chickahominies Indians, Chickahomies, Virginia, United States Margaret Whitney 1570 – 1628  •  L5RD-9HX ​  Wife of Cpt Powell Grandmother Hayley Side  or Margaret Stitt about 1585 – Deceased  •  L6MK-NV4 ​(new data shows maybe not related)

William Underwood  about 1606 – before 1645  •  L5LT-1HB grandfather Hayley sidemigrated to Virginia Underwood, William – A8204; died by 1675; Lancaster Co.: 1652 (Burgess). Potential Jamestown


 Haney Side

Potential Jamestown Colonel Thomas Ligon  11 January 1623 – 16 March 1675  •  LKLY-KLW ​ grandfather Haney Side b/England/D Virginia
Colonel Thomas Lygon, who came to the Virginia colony in the early 1640s from Worcestershire, England, patented several large parcels of land on the north bank of the Appomattox River in an area known as The Cowpens, near Mount My Lady, which was then part of Henrico County. It is likely that he lived in this area with his wife Mary Harris and their five children. Lygon served in the House of Burgesses from Henrico County in 1656, as a colonel in the county militia, and as surveyor of the county until his death in 1675.

Major William Ligon 1650 – 11 August 1689  LTDM-7LB ​ Grandfather Haney (son of above)