List of Revolutionary Fighters

Pappy’s Hayley side

Brigadier General Daniel Morgan, Ligon Militia, Served with Gen Washington,  

Colonel John Alexander Smith Middlesex Militia,   

Mimi’s Gilbert/McGee side

William Absolom Littlefield II,  Continental Line Revolutionary War. South Carolina Roster

Peyton Randolph 1st President of the 1st Continental Congress in 1775, First to be called “Father of country”

Major General Nathanael Greene-shared grandparents Gilbert side

John Houston Hammons, Sr. ​ Private in Captain Cox’s Company of the Virginia Militia from Montgomery County, Virginia 1777.

Col Leroy Hammond service as pioneer, farmer, merchant, Indian trader, Indian fighter, patriot, Revolutionary soldier, judge, and legislator.

Elder John Parker was a Presbyterian Baptist minister, veteran of the American War of Independence, scout and minor diplomat for the American government, famous frontier Ranger. He was among the first settlers of Texas before the Texas Revolution and was killed during the Fort Parker massacre in 1836, along with several members of his extended family.

Major General Henry Giles Lee II-father of Henry “Light Horse” Lee and grandfather of General Robert E. Lee

General Ezekiel Cornell Revolutionary War general who represented Rhode Island in the U.S. Continental Congress from 1780 to 1782.

Colonel Andrew Hampton Sr Kings Mountain Reg

William Douglas American military officer who led regiments from Connecticut

Edmund Jennings Randolph joined the Continental Army as aide-de-camp to George Washington

John Alexander McGee Sr. NSDAR 406820 Pension Papers R 6717 Rev – Pvt in Virginia served under Capt. William McKee for two years

Major Richard Fielding Cooke

Robert Cooke fought with George Washington at Valley Forge in 177 Continental Line  

Major Mordecai Mitchell Douglas

Grandmas Haney Side

General William Hull –  War of 1812 & Revolution

John Wesley Carson 24 May served as a Minute Man in the Revolutionary War in the Georgia Militia in Colonel Elijah Clarke’s company

Major William Ligon ​

Dr. Benjamin Rush signer of the Declaration of Independence- Shared grandparents with Grandpa Stewart

Fought on the English Side

General William Howe, 5th Viscount Howe, KB, PC, British Army officer who rose to become Commander-in-Chief of British forces during the American War of Independence.

General Lord Cornwallis- shared grandparents Hayley side