More on Kings/Queens

  • King Edward I “Longshanks” Plantagenet  17 June 1239 – 7 July 1307  •  LZLH-991 ​grandfather McGee Side Edward was a noted castle builder, including the northern Welsh Conway castle, Caernarvon castle, Beaumaris castle, and Harlech castle. King of England from 1272, son of Henry III (1207–72). He led the royal forces against Simon de Montfort (the Younger) in the Barons’ War of 1264–67, and was on a crusade when he succeeded to the throne. He established English rule over all of Wales in 1282–84, and secured recognition of his overlordship from the Scottish king, although the Scots under Sir William Wallace and Robert (I) the Bruce fiercely resisted actual conquest. His reign saw Parliament move towards its modern form with the Model Parliament of 1295. He married Eleanor of Castile (1254–90) and in 1299 married Margaret, daughter of Philip III of France. He was succeeded by his son Edward II (1284–1327). buried in Westminster Abbey on 27 October.
  • Eleanor of Castile 1241 – 28 November 1290  •  L4BB-MYK ​grandmother, McGee Side.