More on Revolutionary Heroes

John Alexander McGee Sr. 30 January 1757 – 24 January 1820  •  LNZ6-7FM Mimi’s Great Great Grandfather McGee Side NSDAR 406820 Pension Papers R 6717 Rev – Pvt in Virginia served under Capt William McKee for two years – Va Reg–REV SOLDIER Dodson Family of Warren Cty, Tn, Died in Tennessee. They lived in the Virginia Valley before moving to Tennessee and relocated in what is known as “McGee Cove” in the 18th century. The first building stood near where Floyd McGee now lives, later he built a large log home in the same location with fireplace in the middle. John McGee was not only a Revolutionary War soldier but an Indian Fighter also. John McGee was the father of 9 children. He died at his home in Warren County, January 24, 1820. His wife, Easter, died March 24, 1846. They both were laid to rest in the family plot near the home.John McGee (1751 – 1820) fought in the 12th Virginia Regiment, discharged at Fort Randolph, Virginia (now West Virginia), in 1778. He was wounded by two bullets through his elbow and wrist and one ball through his shoulder. He also fought in Lewis’s campaign against the Shawnee (1774) and fought at the battle of Guilford Courthouse (1780).

Colonel Andrew Hampton Sr 1713 – 8 October 1805  •  LDF6-CRC ​Mimi’s Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather REVOLUTIONARY WAR, Kings Mountain Regt

Colonel Andrew Hampton was a native of England, and while a young man emigrated to the Colonies. He first settled in Virginia. Prior to 1751 he emigrated to that portion of North Carolina which later became Tryon County, and settled on Dutchman’s Creek on the Catawba River. Before the Revolution he removed from there to that portion of Tryon which later became Rutherford County. He was an extensive land owner. His early educational advantages are unknown, although he seems to have been a man of above average literacy for his time. His rise in the military profession was rapid and astonishing. In 1775 he was made captain, in 1776 lieutenant-colonel, and colonel in 1779. While yet a captain, early in 1776, he served against the Scotch-Tories, and early in 1779 he pursued Col John Moore’s Tories when they fled south. Early in 1780 he went to the relief of Charleston; subsequently served at Earle’s Fort, Thicketty Fort, Cane Creek and commanded the Rutherford troops at the battle of Kings Mountain. In 1781 he was appointed sheriff of Rutherford County, holding that position until 1784. He was the county’s second sheriff, having succeeded Richard Singleton in that office. He died in Rutherford County in October 1805 survived by a number of descendants, all of whom have played an important part in the development of Rutherford County and Western North Carolina. He was appointed first major of Tryon Militia on April 26 1776 by an act of the General Assembly.

Father in law of above Col. Hampton, Mimi’s side Johannes Hans Michael Hyder 6 June 1704 – 30 April 1776 Born in Germany.  Hans Michael Hyder was born on June 20, 1707 at Glashuetten, Oberfranken, Bavaria, Germany. He married Katherine Chasteen and they lived in Homburg, Germany, just north of Frankfurt. The Hyder/Hider family had lived in this part of Germany for generations. In 1729, Hans Michael Katherine Hyder went to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. There they caught a ship for America, called the Mortonhouse, on August 17th, 1729. After a stop over at Deal, England (near the White Cliffs of Dover) they set sail for The New World. They landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A book titled “Pennsylvania German Pioneers – Volume 1” author Strassburgen lists Palatine Passengers, on the Mortonhouse, under the command of James Coultas, has Hance Mich Hyder and Katherine Hyder. Three of their children were baptized before they moved to Moorefield Township, Hardy County, Virginia (now WV), in about 1740. Hans died there in about 1758. The HEIDERS were possibly Lutheran, but Pastor Charles Grube, indicated that they were likely from a dissident group hence the “reformed” church baptism). Hans Michael Hider & his wife Katherine received land from Lord Fairfax in Hampshire Co. VA 1749 according to public record.