Native American Heritage 1

Mamanatowick Wahunsonacock Powhatan about 1547 – 14 April 1618 •  LK5N-KJP Pocahontas Father, my grandfather Hayley Side. He was probably the older brother of Opchanacanough, who led attacks against the English

Matoaka Pocahontas Powhatan

17 September 1595 – 21 March 1617  •  LKF1-HNG Grandmother, Hayley Side. Pocahontas, who adopted the Christian name of Rebecca, married John Rolfe on April 5, 1614 in Jamestown. Her first marriage was to Kocoum Stream they had one child ( Kaokee Powhatan Stream ) she was held Captive by the English during the war with the Powhatan Confederacy taken to England where she married John Rolfe, she Died while on the Ship returning to America. Pocahontas had several children with Kokoum her native American husband before she was kidnapped and imprisoned in Jamestown.

Chief Paquiquineo Don Luis DeVelasco Powhatan Running Stream Powatan 1510 – 1558 • L5YR-97K Grandfather Hayley Side Killed by Chief Ensenore (Young Chief Morning) in 1558 in a political move to unite the coastal bands

Chief Wahunsonacawh Powhatan about 1475 – about 1545 • G3Q8-V7R Grandfather Hayley Side

Chief of the Attanoughkomouck Tribe 1425 – 1495 • G379-2FB

Lt. Colonel Henry Meese 1618 – 5 April 1682  •  LT7X-G3L ​Grandfather Hayley Side

Anne Pert Deceased  •  GQSL-BQR

Married to Henry Meese    Ontonah Mary Princess Wahanganoche Pettus 1602 – 1651  •  LZKX-H3L ​ B/Maryland shows grandmother hayley side