Shared Grandparents with Prime Ministers of Great Britain

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill Prime Minister of England 30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965  •  LC32-HZ6 shared grandparents, William Douglas Hamilton & Ann Hamilton


John Stuart Prime Minister, 25 May 1713 – 10 March 1792  •  LTSN-5JG ​ Married to someone we share grandfather, James Drummond Cardwell side Government Service First Lord of the Treasury; Prime Minister 29 May 1762 – 15 Apr 1763


Frederick John Robinson 1 November 1782 – 2 January 1859  •  K63V-MSN shared grandparents Hayley Side.  ​styled The Honourable F. J. Robinson until 1827 and known as The Viscount Goderich between 1827 and 1833, the name by which he is best known to history, was a British politician of the Regency era. He was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between August 1827 and January 1828. Related to his wife by marriage McGee Side Sarah Albina Louisa Hobart 22 February 1793 – 9 April 1867  •  MV31-JJR ​

Arthur Wellesley Prime Minister of Great Britain, 1 May 1769 – 14 September 1852  •  M93F-1JH ​ 1st Duke of Wellington, Defeated Napoleon. Share grandparents Hayley side



John Russell Prime Minister Great Britain, 19 August 1792 – 28 May 1878  •  MKC1-4BV Share both grandparents McGee/Cardwell side ​ 1st Earl Russell of Kingston Russell. 1st Viscount Amberley Knight of the Garter Prime Minister of the United Kingdom John is a direct descendant of King Charles II through his paternal grandmother, and was the younger brother of the 7th Duke of Bedford. John twice served and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the reign of Queen Victoria – from 1846-1852 and from 1865-1866. He was Leader of the House of Commons four times, and also served as Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary. The Earl Russell is buried in the Bedford Chapel of the parish Church of St. Michael, Chenies.